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18.000 m2 office space
7.000 m2 retail area


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Office Types

Choose from one of our intelligent solutions.

In addition to permanent offices we also offer a number of 'smart offices' for short term lease as well as 'power desks' for temporary use. As a special feature, the EBC offers numerous intelligent office solutions to choose from:

Permanent offices:

If you require a one-person start-up office or a branch office for an already existing company, the EBC offers attractive, professional and first-class equipped workplaces to handle all your business needs.

High-end suites:

With a three sided window front at the end of each corridor the light-flooded suites represent the biggest single office unit at the EBC with sizes up to 500 sq meters.

Half or full floor options:

If desired by the tenant, the EBC will also offer half and full floor office options which can be individually designed to meet your specific requirements.

Smart offices & Power Desks:

Ideal for freelancers and professionals, who require individual work space, the EBC offers single workstations for the typical one or two person office. This new concept combines a cost-effective way of doing business with state-of-the-art equipment.

Virtual offices:

Establish your virtual business presence in Dubai. The EBC will provide you with a first-class business address and our well-trained secretaries will answer your phone calls in your company's name, manage your e-mails according to your instructions and assist you with all administrative issues.

Meeting & conference rooms:

To ensure you get the most from your meeting or conference, we offer solutions to suit your individual needs. Meeting rooms including audio-visual equipment and catering are available upon request.

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